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N a t u r a l   R i g h t s   R e n t a l s


Longing for a vacation in harmony in with nature?


Seeking inspiration, privacy and a feeling of freedom when you travel?


Would you like to visit a place without participating in its destruction?


Do you believe in strong personal property laws yet resent developers who come and destroy our natural, architectural and farming heritage?


Do you believe in Personal Freedom and Saving the Environment at the same time?


Inspired by the concept of The Rights of Nature, as enumerated in Ecuador's bold and inclusive Constitution, we aim to celebrate and protect our natural environment and recognize that humans are a part of it.


We believe individuals have the right to enjoy, experience and own land. We are not vacationing Marxists. We understand that tempting sounding socialism is always unstable and inexorably unfolds into fascist totalitarianism. But if we strengthen individual property rights, and also give Nature a legal right to exist and flourish, perhaps we can create a legal environment that secures the rights of individuals, families, communities and the natural world, instead of a system controlled by big business, big development, big agriculture, and big government.


This very small rental service represents properties that celebrate and protect nature and recognize that humans are an important part of it.

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